STEER Program – Deadline Ongoing


Spend a month at the US-Mexico Border.  What you learn at STEER will last a lifetime!  Enjoy an international experience without leaving home.

Tuition free for students in US-accredited schools of medicine and public health.  Housing provided for only $750/month.  Most students’ schools give credit for STEER.  Some programs offer global health credit for STEER elective.  Presenters are bilingual.  Spanish not necessary.

Scholarships available on a first come, first served basis!

At present, the STEER students do not cross into Mexico.  Nevertheless, the Border provides a unique bicultural (90% Hispanic), bilingual learning environment, with a focus on the concerns of our nation’s border with Mexico – poverty, water and air pollution, immigration, sanitation, imports, the border “fence” and a medically underserved population threatened by infectious diseases such as dengue, tuberculosis, rabies as well as high rates of obesity and diabetes.

More than 25 presenters – all experts in their own right – will answer your questions:  What are the biggest challenges border residents face?  How are the medical and public health systems of both nations working to address these concerns?  How do health concerns at the US-Mexico Border affect every US citizen?

STEER offers training in two locations along the U.S.-Mexico Border─Laredo and Harlingen, Texas.

Go to our website for information and application.

Questions?  Please contact  us directly at


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