Applied Public Health Informatic​s Fellowship​s – Due Feb 1


The goal of the Fellowship is to provide a high quality training experience and to secure long-term career placement for Fellows at the state or local level. Participating Fellows will receive one year of on-the-job training at a local or state health agency under the guidance of experienced mentors.
Eligibility: To be eligible to be an Applied Public Health Informatics Fellow, applicants must meet the following application criteria:
A doctoral or masters level degree is required. Qualifying degree must be from an accredited academic institution in one of the following:

-Public health informatics or other health related informatics discipline
-Computer science, information science, information systems
-Public health, medicine, nursing, health care, health policy, health-services research
-Desire to pursue a long-term career at the state or local level
-United States citizenship or Permanent Resident

All candidates must meet the above criteria as well as at least one of the following:
-A certificate issued by a degree-granting academic institution in public health informatics or master or doctoral-level coursework in public health informatics.


Demonstrated academic or professional expertise in four (4) of the public health informatics competencies listed below:
-Developing strategic direction for public health informatics within an agency
-Estimating the impact of technology modifications on program operations and staff workflows
-Managing IT operations related to a public health project or program
-Conducting business process analysis and system requirements documentation
-Evaluating public health information systems
-Developing or evaluating knowledge management tools
-Upgrading information systems to be more standards-based and interoperable
-Ensuring confidentiality of health information or the security of public health information systems
-Integrating information or information systems to support improved practice in public health or health care

For application and more information please follow:


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