Pfizer Fellowships in Health Disparities-Due Feb 10

Institutions interested in this fellowship program must focus their research on the cause for these inequalities and develop solutions to address disparities. Research proposals should be focused on smoking-cessation programs, women’s health/gender medicine, and preventive healthcare to address disparities among populations of different races, ethnicities, or age groups, or between low-income versus high-income populations.
Prospective fellows at the institution CANNOT apply directly for the award. A Fellow may assist the senior staff, division head or department chair at the institution in the development of the grant application
A fellow supported by a Pfizer MAP fellowship must have the opportunity to carry out supervised biomedical or clinical research with the primary objective of preparing them for their respective discipline and subspecialty
Upon receipt of the grant award, the Fellow selected by the Institution must meet the following criteria:
  • US citizen or foreign national with permanent US residence
  • Hold an advanced degree (i.e., MD, DO, NP, PharmD, etc.)
  • Be enrolled in fellowship program (Clinical award recipients)
  • Hold a non-tenured, junior faculty appointment (Research award recipients)

For more information please follow:

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