Link Foundation Fellowship-Due Jan 16


The Link Foundation awards up to five fellowships to qualified doctoral students in academic institutions per year, with each grant totaling $25,000 to support students while they complete their dissertation research. This program, in place since 1990, has awarded fellowships—approximately $1.3 million worth—to qualifying doctoral students studying in the simulation and training field at U.S. and Canadian universities. No limitations have been placed on citizenship.

Edwin Link’s most famous invention was a ground-based simulator used for training aircraft pilots. This fellowship continues to support research in the field of flight training, but its scope has been expanded to a variety of non-aviation applications, some of which are listed below. The research proposed in these applications must still embody the objective and characteristics found in the original flight training simulator; i.e., the training and preparation of individuals to perform in complex, interactive, real-time environments. Thus the emphasis must continue to be on training rather than education, and on simulation for training purposes rather than for design-development or product-research purposes.

Applications that require the training of operators, and could benefit from new and/or improved simulation techniques, include:

    • A variety of vehicle types: airborne  (piloted and/or UAVs); spacecraft; ground-based; and marine
    • Medicine/Healthcare procedures: various forms of surgery; other less invasive procedures; operation of complex medical tools and equipment; training of handicapped patients to operate support equipment; and patient/doctor interactions
    • Military personnel (other than vehicle crews): Command and Control staff; soldiers in potentially hostile environments; logistics operations
    • Security and Emergency operations: coordination of first responders; triage techniques; and recognition of threat situations.

For application and general information please follow:


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