Summer Youth Employment Program – 2011


A Community Benefit Program geared primarily toward 11th and 12th grade students, the Kaiser Permanente LAUNCH (Learn About Unlimited New Careers in Health Care) High School Summer Youth Employment Program (SYEP) has been creating opportunities for underserved high school students since 1968. We offer paid summer work experience at Kaiser Permanente facilities throughout California and encourage students to consider that lifelong learning and earning power begins with a high school diploma. There are a wide variety of health care and health care support jobs available, and many students who have participated in the SYEP have chosen health care–related fields after graduation—some of them right here at Kaiser Permanente.

As a SYEP student, you’ll be paid for your time, working in one of our departments while learning about careers in health care. Additionally, when a certified Regional Occupational Programs (ROP) teacher is involved and you complete the various components of the program, you can earn up to 10 Cooperative Vocational Education (CVE) units. These units may be added to the total units required for high school graduation.

The SYEP focuses on health care careers that are in demand. We offer a well-rounded program that will help you prepare for an exciting future in health care. Learn more and take the first step toward building the career you’ve been dreaming of.

No Deadline available, but act quickly!

For more information please visit:


2 Responses to “Summer Youth Employment Program – 2011”

  1. slykid20 Says:


    Thank you for your message. I do not have any more information than you do. What I would suggest is contacting your regional contact (link below: either Calvin or Carolyn) and see if they can give you more information.

    Best of luck with the application,

  2. Shauna Kay Brown Says:

    am very inchesting to get into the youth service

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