Pre-Medical Surgical Intern Program- UC Davis, CA- Deadline 3/27/11


The UC Davis Health System Department of Surgery Pre-Medical Surgical Intern Program is a unique opportunity for pre-medical students to work along side faculty, residents, interns, and medical students in the nationally recognized UC Davis Health System Department of Surgery.

The site for the program is the UC Davis Medical Center in Sacramento, CA. The 650-bed hospital is the major teaching affiliate for the UC Davis School of Medicine. The Hospital serves an area of tremendous diversity in both cultural and socioeconomic background. It is a Level 1 Trauma Center, the only Burn Center in Northern California, the only Children’s hospital in Northern California, the only Transplant Center in Northern California, and the only such institution in inland Northern California. It is one of the five busiest trauma centers in the country and has been featured in multiple television programs, and recognized nationally.

This is NOT a volunteering program. This is a mentorship and educational program where you will be interacting with physicians in the department of surgery. You will be working with them in every step of the way throughout their work: from seeing patients in the intensive care unit, to pre-operative, to bedside, trauma bay, operating room, clinics, and rounds. You will experience what surgeons and physicians do every. You will be part of their team and treated as such. This program is under the supervision and guidelines set forth by the Chairman of Surgery at UC Davis Health System.

This is a very unique opportunity, and maturity, ability to follow directions, being attentive and being an adult is imperative. This is a fast paced area where a lot happens, and life and death is on the line. Professionalism and maturity is a MUST. If you feel that you are not cap able of the before mentioned, please do not apply.

The surgeons are volunteering and enthusiastic about having you come, since all of them have been in the same position you are, so please be respectful to them at all times and honor them.

Quotes From Our Interns
“There is simply no equal substitute for the level of access, exposure, and perspective gained from the Pre-Medical Surgical Program.” — James Wang

“Prior to this experience I really had no idea what was required of a doctor after med school. This internship has given me insight into the day to day excitement and challenges that a surgeon faces. I have seen some incredible things and now I know that I have alot to look forward to! ” — Charleen Pflanner

“The first time I was in the operating room and changed into scrubs I felt like I was part of the surgical team. I could imagine myself with a scalpel. Just being the operating room gave me the most exhilarating feeling” — Alexandra Monrroy

“I spent a year volunteering in a hospital ER and maybe spoke to one physician for a total of 10 minutes. As a pre-med surgical intern, in my first 10 minutes, I met and spoke to 15 physicians” — Mattew Paranial

“All the physicians treat you like you are part of their team. We get to go every where, see everything, and learn a great deal”

“I am amazed in the time and efforts the surgeons take to explain procedures and what is going on. They also genuinely care in my future success. This is truly a life changing experience.”

“The application, interview, and selection process was long and hard, but in my first 5 minutes at the hospital made it seem like nothing. I would go through it 100 times more to just experience what I have experienced.”

“This is the single most important thing I have done in my entire pre-med journey.”

“I have seen my future in medicine, and my future looks great!”

Summer 2011
The Summer 2011 Program has an anticipated start date of May 21, 2011 with an end date of September 3, 2011.
Please review the packet for all program dates.

Please Note: There have been some improvements and changes made to the selection process and criteria. If you have applied in the past, make sure you review the new guidelines.

Please consult the application packet for more information about this opportunity.

Make sure you download the ENTIRE packet and read it TWICE and understand it before you apply.

How to Apply

Go to for the packet and the online application.

Application deadline: March 27, 2011 by 11:59 pm through online submission.


Please email us at


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