Public Health Associates Program (PHAP)-Due March 1


PHAP is a highly competitive, two-year program that prepares recent
college graduates to become the next generation of public health
professionals.  As a training and service program, PHAP provides
opportunities for associates to gain broad experience in the daily
operations of public health departments and offers a variety of
benefits, including:

•       Associates are employed by the CDC as temporary field assignees and
receive a salary, paid sick and vacation leave, health insurance and
access to a variety of free services (e.g., legal advice, counseling,
financial planning) through the Employee Assistance Program.
•       Assignments are individually tailored to give each associate a broad
work experience and meet local needs in the delivery of public health
services such as case investigation, disease surveillance, health
promotion, community outreach and public health administration.
•       Associates develop valuable career skills through two years of hands-
on work experience, training at CDC and in the field, supervisory
support and mentorship.
•       Upon successful completion of the two year program, associates are
qualified to compete for entry-level career positions as CDC public
health advisors and equivalent positions in state, tribal, local and
territorial health agencies.
Applicants should have a strong interest in frontline service careers
in public health and in developing strong public health programmatic
and operations skills. Applicants must:
•       Be a U.S. citizen
•       Hold a bachelor’s degree from an accredited academic institution by
July 1, 2011 [Note: Applicants with a master’s degree will be
considered but do not receive preference in hiring, nor a higher pay
scale.  Individuals with master’s degrees may be eligible for other
CDC fellowship programs.]
•       Have limited prior public health work experience
•       Be willing to commit to full-time work for two years
•       Be willing to work in a state, tribal, local or territorial health
agency setting, or CDC quarantine station
•       Be willing to relocate at your own expense.

Deadline March 1st

For more information follow link below:

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