The PPIA Fellowship Program-Due Nov 1st


The PPIA Fellowship Program is designed to prepare college juniors or
rising seniors from diverse backgrounds for graduate studies in public
and/or international affairs and groom them for professional roles in
public service. There is an array of opportunities under the
Fellowship which span a period of development from the junior year of
college to beyond the completion of a graduate degree.

Fellowship Eligibility Criteria & Guidelines

All prospective PPIA Fellows are expected to dedicate themselves to
the traditions and objectives of the PPIA Fellowship Program, have an
abiding commitment to public service and contribute to more diverse
perspectives in public policy and international affairs. The following
are more specific criteria and guidelines:

·       Must be a United States citizen or legal permanent resident to
apply to the JSI’s hosted by Berkeley, Maryland and Michigan.
International applicants pursuing a bachelor’s degree in the U.S. will
be considered by Carnegie Mellon and Princeton.

·       Must have completed junior year of college by the start of
Junior Summer Institute (JSI) and have at least one full semester or
two quarters of coursework remaining before graduation.

·       Must not have attained a Bachelor’s Degree prior to start of
Junior Summer Institute.

·       Must be committed to completing a Master’s Degree in public
and/or international affairs at one of the PPIA Consortium graduate

·       Must demonstrate an interest in pursuing a professional career
associated with public service such as government, nonprofits,
humanitarian and international organizations and other related

·       Must contribute to the diversity of perspectives.

·       Economic need is given consideration.

·       All academic majors are welcome to apply.

Please follow link below for more information and/or application


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