Salvadoran American Leadership Education Fund Scholarship (SALEF)-Due Aug 22


Sorry for the late notice but this just in…

The Salvadoran American Leadership Education Fund (SALEF) is offering scholarships to students who are in medical or dental school, or are pursuing a MPH. Deadline for applications is August 22, 2010. Eligibility requirements include being a Salvadoran or Latino student. AB540 students are welcomed to apply.
SALEF also has scholarships available to undergrad students, but the deadlines for these has passed. I was told they would be available in February, 2011 for students attending college in the fall of 2011. We will post them in the near future.
If you have any questions, please contact Guillermo Girón, SALEF Scholarship Coordinator, at or 213-480-1052.

Here is an image with more information:


3 Responses to “Salvadoran American Leadership Education Fund Scholarship (SALEF)-Due Aug 22”

  1. Laura Parada Says:

    I was wondering if I can apply to the scholarship even though I am an illegal alien and I live in Florida and wanting to attend college in Florida.

    • slykid20 Says:


      Sorry for the late reply. Yes, you can apply even though you are not a US citizen and live in Florida. The application was due in August of last year, but if you want more information follow their website at , maybe they will have the same scholarship this year.

      Let me know if you have further questions,

    • Quetzalsol Says:

      It depends on the scholarship. I have run across a few scholarships for non-citizens. Search the blog and you should be able to find a few.

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