Join the National Hispanic Medical Associate for free in 2010- medical student, resident, healthcare professional, student


Why Become an NHMA Member?

With an NHMA membership, you become a part of a community of Hispanic physicians and other health care professionals committed to improving health care for Hispanics, reducing health care disparities and advancing and promoting their profession.

What Do You Get Out of Being an NHMA Member?

The National Hispanic Medical Association is a non- profit membership organization whose mission is to improve the health of Hispanics and other underserved population. It strives to expand access to quality health care, increase opportunities in medical education, cultural competence and research for Latinos. With numerous benefits, including ways to promote your practice, NHMA is your vital connection to other Hispanic physicians and health care professionals. Whether you are physician, a resident, a medical student or in a health care related profession, NHMA offers value to your membership! it is an excellent investment for obtaining the following benefits:

A sense of belonging and affinity with member Hispanic physicians and other health care professionals with benefits such as:
– Networking
– Interest groups and council memberships
– Online discussions using the portal
– Volunteer committees and groups
– Career leadership development opportunities
– Website resources and monthly newsletters

Advocacy – with NHMA, you and the profession have a voice and you are heard through:
– NHMA government affairs efforts and activities such as legislative alerts and letter-writing campaigns
– Congressional Hispanic Health care briefings series
– Meetings with Congressional leaders, government agencies, White House staffers
– Press releases and public relations
– Information dissemination through list serve, website, and monthly newsletter

Learning and growth achieved through:
– Special medical students and residents membership discounts
– Job notices and career advantages
– Opportunity to learn from physician’s experiences during networking
– Discounted registration fees at NHMA yearly national conferences
– Opportunity to serve in standing committees, resource/research panels and advisory committees
– Nomination to federal boards and corporate advisory committees


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