Summer Internship for Effective Strategies for Reducing Unintentional Prescription Drug Overdoses in the U.S. – Deadline 1/15/2010


APTR-CDC Internship for Summer, 2010:

Effective Strategies for Reducing Unintentional Prescription Drug
Overdoses in the U.S.

Students of pharmacy, nursing, medicine/preventive medicine, and
public health are invited to apply!


The Division of Unintentional Injury Prevention (DUIP), located within
the National Center for Injury Prevention and Control (CDC), seeks a
summer intern to assist with initiatives to prevent unintentional
prescription drug overdose deaths. Preference will be given to
candidates who have experience with prescription drug monitoring
programs, surveillance, or state programs that address drug overdose.

The selected intern will work closely with subject matter experts in
DUIP to:

* Scan medical and behavioral science literatures to glean the
“best practices” in building and supporting the infrastructure
necessary to reduce prescription drug overdose.
* Assist the Division in developing a plan to tackle unintentional
prescription drug overdose deaths, be it through additional research,
surveillance, public health authority, or enforcement.
* Explore partnerships in the medical, public health, drug
enforcement, and prescription drug industry that would lead to
effective prevention programs and policies.
* Identify the “effective components” of existing State programs,
services, and policies that address the reduction of prescription drug
overdose episodes.
* Draft a set of recommendations that will comprise the foundation
for DUIP’s efforts to prevent drug overdoses.
* Present the findings to a Division- or Center-wide audience
* And more!

Intern will also have an opportunity to use their experiences to be a
co-author on an article for publication.

Please pass word of this opportunity to eligible candidates.

For more information or to download an application package, go to:


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