Be A UC Davis Medical Student for a Day-Nov 13, 2009


Come be a Medical Student!

Do you want to experience what is like to be a medical student?
Do you want to sit in a real medical school class and experience the learning process?
Can you imagine yourself there one day?
Do you want to meet medical students from UC Davis?
Then you must attend this all-day event at UC Davis School of Medicine where you will sit in classes with UC Davis medical students, hear lectures and small group discussions, and even hear a lecture on doctoring from their dean.
This is a once-a-semester experience which should not be missed. In addition, Los Rios is closed this day and we don’t have any classes! This is going to be an exciting day.
This is more than just a one-hour tour of the medical school. You will experience being a medical student and get a picture of what medical school is like. We are going to spend the day at UC Davis Medical School. We will sit in classes with medical students, talk to them, be in their small group discussions, get a tour of the school, talk to their faculty, meet the Dean of Admission, and be paired with medical students for the day.
This is a great opportunity to see what medical school is like and talk to close to 200 medical students. Some of them were where you are today. As a matter of fact, we are being hosted by 4 former AMSA ARC Officers who are first-year students at UCDSOM.
Friday November 13, 2009 (Holiday for Los Rios Students)
Meeting at American River College Outside Tech Ed 325
Space is Limited You must sign up: 

Cost: FREE for 2009-2010 AMSA ARC members and must be a AMSA ARC Member. 
Join: and you will receive the code to register via email.


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