Si Se Puede Scholarship-Deadline July 10th


The “Si Se Puede” Medical School Application Scholarship was developed in 2004 to assist pre-medical students with the financial burden of applying to accredited U.S. Medical Schools. Full funding of the AMCAS® OR AACOMAS® initial one school registration fee plus partial funding for additional schools is anticipated. Award amount for scholarship is dependent upon funding raised annually. Personal qualities, financial need, academic and extracurricular achievement will be taken into consideration in the selection process. Deadline July 10th, 2009; This is NOT a postmark deadline. Please submit ALL materials to the VP of Scholarships by email at


  • Must be committed to pursuing a career in medicine and dedicated to serving the Latino and underserved communities.
  • Applicants should demonstrate a desire to advance the state of healthcare and education in Latino and underserved communities through leadership in extracurricular activities and/or membership in civic organizations.
  • Eligible applicants should be applying for matriculation into medical school in 2010.
  • Students interested in applying to Allopathic and/or Osteopathic Schools of Medicine are welcome to apply.
  • Funds can be used for AMCAS® OR AACOMAS® registration fees. Original receipts and other pertinent documents must be submitted for award to be distributed. Winners will receive details with notification of award. LMSA reserves the right to withdraw or withhold scholarship pending submission of necessary documents.

For information you can follow the link below.

You can also look for other resources on their home page at:

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