SMYSP AA Workshop: Communicating with Clarity-Stanford, June27


SMYSP AA Workshop – Communicating with Clarity

Stanford, June 27th 3p-5p

Communication is one of the most influential factors when it comes to the success of organizations and individuals. The outgoingness and initial impressions one makes will dictate whether an individual will advance or even keep their job. Not everyone is naturally good at public speaking, but even the best speakers follow simple rules to sound and appear like a professional.

Communicating with Clarity is hosted by Adrian Serna, formerly head instructor of Stanford Technical Communications Program, now an Associate Director of Cardinal Education. The program will handle all facets of public speaking and professional development, and is designed for individuals who want to become more effective communicators by ensuring that the message one sends is the message that is received.

You will learn how to:

* Exude confidence and make clear, memorable speeches

* Appear calm, credible, and collected in front of any audience

* Achieve greater success in capturing the attention of others based on their needs

* Design your message to fit the listener and the occasion

* Give a great speech every time!

Please RSVP by sending an e-mail to

Once we get your e-mail more details will be sent to you.

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