Free Application for Federal Financial Aid- All Students- Deadline 6/30/09


The FAFSA is the federal application for financial aid, but it is also
used to apply for aid from other sources, such as your state or

FAFSA Deadlines:

Submit 2008-2009 FAFSA on the Web Applications by midnight Central
Daylight time, June 30, 2009.

State deadlines are normally much earlier than Federal deadlines.

General Student Aid Information

Tips For Getting Aid Without Delay!

Financial aid administrators and guidance counselors from around the
country agree that the following tips speed up the application

* Important: Read the instructions!
Many questions on the FAFSA are straightforward, like your
Social Security Number. But many questions are asked specifically for
purposes of student financial aid. Common words like “household,”
“investments,” and even “parent” may have special meaning. Read all
instructions carefully.
* Apply Early!
State and school deadlines will vary and tend to be early. Check
with them to find out their exact deadline dates.

Federal Student Aid will process your FAFSA if it is received on
or before the deadline. However, in order for you to actually receive
aid, your school must have correct, complete FAFSA information before
your last day of enrollment.
* Complete Your Tax Return!
We recommend that you (and your parents if you are a dependent
student) complete your tax return before filling out your FAFSA. This
will make completing the FAFSA easier. If you have not filed your tax
return yet, you can still submit your FAFSA but you must provide
correct income and tax data once you have filed.
* Save Time: File Electronically!
Complete and submit your FAFSA online. It is the fastest and
most accurate way to apply for student aid.
* Ask: Do I Need Additional Forms?
Many schools and states rely on the FAFSA as the single
application for student aid. However, it would be wise to check with
your state agency and the financial aid office at the school that you
plan to attend to find out if they require additional forms.


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