Scholarships for Freshman College Students from Migrant and Seasonal Farmworking Backgrounds-15 states including P.R. -Deadline depends on State


CAMP stands for the College Assistance Migrant Program, a unique
educational program that helps students from migrant and seasonal
farmworking backgrounds succeed in college. CAMP was established in
1972 and has helped thousands of students accomplish their educational
goals. CAMP offers pre-college transition and first-year support
services to help students develop the skills needed to stay in school
and successfully graduate from college. CAMP services include
providing help with admissions, financial aid and other university
services; CAMP staff can assist the student in finding housing either
on-campus or off-campus and find roommates with your same interests;
select and register for classes and introduce them to campus services;
adjust to college life through individual and group counseling;
develop a long-term support system; develop study and college survival
skills; obtain tutors for academic assistance; receive supplemental
financial assistance for books, supplies, health insurance and
transportation. CAMP is evaluated by its retention and college
graduation rates. Nationally, CAMP grant directors report
approximately a 83% college freshman retention rate. Nearly three-
quarters of all CAMP students graduate with baccalaureate degrees.


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