LMSA Conference for URM Premeds @UC Davis, 3/28-3/29/08


Oh behalf of the UC Davis chapter of the Latino Medical Student
Association (LMSA), we would like to Latino and other URM and disadvantaged
premeds, post-bacs, and students interested in Latino health issues to the
annual LMSA regional conference at the UC Davis School of Medicine in
Sacramento, CA on March 28th-29th. Workshops on Friday (for premeds) will

Medical School Application Process
Mock Interviews
Medical Student and Post-Bac Panels
Leadership in Medicine
Empowering the Latino Education Pipeline
Transferring from a JC to a 4yr University
Success in College & Life
Preparing for the MCAT
Overcoming Barriers

Plus, we have a variety of great workshops being offered on Saturday (see
attached flyer) for premeds & med students. We have great keynote
speakers, you’ll meet medical students from around the west coast, and
we’ll have a large exhibition of medical schools, residency programs, and
organizations all wanting to speak with YOU.

Friday, March 28 and Saturday March 29, 2008
Cost is $35 for premeds (Group discounts available)
Register at www.lmsa.net

Also, you are welcome to attend the Networking Event (meet physicians and
other medical students in a friendly environment) on Friday night. And
if you have premed/med student colleagues, please forward this email to
them. Thank you.

Elizabeth Losada
MS-4, UCD School of Medicine


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