Kaiser Undergrad and Graduate Student Essay Contest on Healthcare-Deadline 3/17/08


KaiserEDU.org invites undergraduate and graduate-level students in all
disciplines to submit an original essay for the website’s annual
competition. Students are asked to submit entries by March 17, 2008 in
response to the following topic:


The date is November 24th, 2008. You have just started a job as an
analyst working on the President-elect’s health care transition team.
The director of the transition team has asked you to draft a memo to
flesh out the health priorities for the new Administration on a major
health policy issue. Select an issue area and a candidate (from the
list below) and identify the major policies or strategies that the
Administration could develop to advance this issue. Make sure to
include evidence and analysis to support your recommendations. Your
priorities and strategies should be consistent with the proposals
forwarded by the candidates in the campaign. You should also address
the challenges in implementing your recommendations, such as budgetary
and political considerations, delivery system issues, and how
different stakeholders and constituencies would perceive the
proposals. Your memo should not exceed 800 words.

Issue Areas:

* Controlling Healthcare Costs
* Eliminating Racial and Ethnic Health Disparities
* Expanding Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Efforts
* Improving Women’s Health
* Improving the Quality of Health Care

Presidential Candidates (as of 1/22/2008):

– Hillary Clinton
– John Edwards
– Mike Gravel
– Dennis Kucinich
– Barack Obama

– Rudy Giuliani
– Mike Huckabee
– Alan Keyes
– John McCain
– Ron Paul
– Mitt Romney



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