Volunteer Opportunity- Rural El Savador


(physicians, nurse practitioners, physician’s assistants, and 4th year medical students)

El Salvador

Clinical, Project Management, and Public Health opportunity in a small
clinic and community health project in rural El Salvador

§ Contribute significantly to social justice and the health of the
poor through work with a growing community-based organization

§ Employ advocacy, creativity, and clinical problem solving skills to
secure basic human rights for your patients

§ Experience a wide range of clinical work and learning opportunities,
especially in pediatrics and OBGYN.

§ Share clinical responsibilities with and learn from experienced
locally trained health promoters

§ Learn about and use local natural medicines

§ Take part in public health campaigns and interact with a vibrant
group of community health workers

§ Enjoy in-depth contact with your patients and participate in the
life of the community

§ Explore local culture and experience rural Latin American life

Location: The communities of Estancia, a rural village in a beautiful
mountainous area of eastern El Salvador, in the Departamento (state)
of Morazán.

Sponsoring Institutions: You will work with the Asociación de
Campesinos para el Desarrollo Humano, an up-and-coming Salvadoran
grassroots NGO that is run entirely by local campesinos, as a
volunteer sent by Doctors for Global Health (DGH – see http://www.dghonline.org).

Timing: Opportunities are available year-round; most urgent need is
from September 2007 on. Six to twelve month stays are preferred,
minimum stay is three months (6 months for students). Applications
are evaluated on an ongoing basis.
Further Advantages:

§ Opportunities for a work in a variety of healthcare settings,
including the closest health center and a busy community hospital

§ Opportunities for research and innovative program design

§ Support from a network of like-minded individuals in the U.S. and
elsewhere through Doctors for Global Health

· Fluent Spanish

· Demonstrated adaptability and flexibility in difficult environments

· Cross-cultural experience

· Dedication to social justice and the health of the poor

· Ability to follow local priorities and to listen effectively

· Applications will be considered from physicians, nurse
practitioners, physician’s assistants, and 4 th year medical students.

· Student applicants must have completed core clinical clerkships in
Medicine, Pediatrics, OBGYN, and Surgery, preferably with at least one
sub-internship completed.

The ideal candidate will also have initiative, creativity, and the
ability to work independently. International experience is valued but
not required. Housing, basic local foods, and local transportation
will be arranged. Financial responsibility for covering these costs
lies with the volunteer – DGH encourages volunteers to seek sources of
financial and other support and will help with this as much as

To apply please contact us at volunt…@dghonline.org . To learn more
about DGH and other ways to get involved in our work, please visit our
website at www.dghonline.org


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